name Charlotte McGee gameverse American McGee's Alice occupation Barista & Part-Time Cashier and Adoptive specialist for the Maui Humane Society birthdate & age Feburary 11th ; 24 hometown Los Angeles, CA current residence Maui, HI relationship status Single religion Athiest family Mother - Sophia McGee, Mother - Matthew McGee, Father (deceased)
History Born the eldest child of Sophia and Matthew McGee, Charlotte lived a rather lonely existence. Surrounded by her dolls, paints, and her only companion, a cat named Dinah, she spent the majority of her time giving her toys make overs or sketching. Her mother was an agoraphobic shut in who homeschooled Charlotte and barely left the house. Because of this Charlotte grew in her mother's shadow, ever curious of the outside world.

By the time she reached the age of eleven Matthew stepped in and demanded their child attend normal school. After a long struggle Sophia relented and Charlotte was allowed to go to The White Rabbit Academy, a private charter school for exceptional children. Exceptional meaning social or learning disabilities. And thanks to her mother's fretting Charlotte had developed both. However, after a few months she started blossoming. She was making good grades, her teacher adored her, but most of all she was making friends.

Finally allowed out into the world, Charlotte's love and knack for art grew into a fully-fledged hobby. She was hardly seen without a sketchbook and several comics in hand. Her mother had taught her to read, but she was still behind for age, but comic books allowed her too feel almost normal. She began dreaming of someday being a graphic artist. And her parents allowed her to take art classes, so long as she kept her grades up.

By the time she entered middle school she was on the honor roll and had made the Dean's List. This is the time that Charlotte remembers as the happiest, although as the years pass it gets foggy and more difficult to recall. Even her parents, who weren't always on the same page and even a child like Charlotte could see that, even they were doing better. Her father was coming home earlier just to spend time with them and they were starting to get Sophia out of the house. Tiny trips at first, down the block, to the park. Then she started walking Charlotte to school.

Things were really starting to look up.

Then disaster struck. Her father had a habit of falling asleep next to his space heater, and one particularly cold night in late January he left it on and it caught fire. The entire house burned with Charlotte and her mother barely escaping with their lives. Their family destroyed, Charlotte and her mother went to stay with Sophia's sister who lived a few towns away.

The next few months were a never ending nightmare. Sophia was forced to find work, which after losing her husband, was a extremely daunting task. And Charlotte had to start another school, Briarwood Junior High. Having withdrawn into herself even more, Charlotte made friends with all the wrong people, and she began using drugs. Pills, mostly, or anything that would keep her numb and emotionless.

She also buried herself in her art. But it began to take a creepy, more twisted route. Her pieces, which were once bright and colorful, were now dark and frightening. Charlotte started dressing differently, as well. Her wardrobe began consisting of inly three colors, black, grey, and purple. And she was now wearing heavy eyeliner and white make up. Despite her mother's pleading, this continued into high school.

At Bumby High Charlotte blended into the background. At the time she was juggling her schoolwork while slowly but surely becoming dependent on pills. She was taking uppers in the morning and throughout the day, then at night she was taking a cocktail of downers that would put her into a dreamless sleep. One evening in mid April, Charlotte and her mother got into a really bad argument. While in her stressed out and angered state, Charlotte took a few extra pills in order to fall asleep.

In the morning when her mother tried to wake her up for school Charlotte was unresponsive. Nearly catatonic, her mother managed to call 911 and the paramedics were able to revive Charlotte at the scene. However, she was taken to the hospital for observation. But once her drug test came back she was sent to Rutledge, a mental hospital.

For weeks she refused to take part in therapy sessions; resigned to sit in her room, staring out the chicken wired window. Finally, after a few eye-opening conversations with her roommate, she began playing the game and going to her sessions. After several months she had a "break-through," where she admitted to feeling responsible for her father's death. This, according to her therapist, was the cause of her drug use and now that she was aware of it, she could quit.

And she even believed this, for awhile. After her release she was placed back in school, and returned her attention to her studies and art. Charlotte stopped hanging out with her old friends and instead she started getting closer to the art kids.

After graduation she started dating one of her artist friends, Danny, and they moved into an apartment together. For five years they on and off, constantly fighting or making up with each other. Their relationship was intense and overtime it became abusive. It started out as a few light smacks but it eventually escalated. Charlotte tried leaving but Danny would track her down and beg her until she took him back. It would take more than breaking up to end things forever, she had to leave the state.

With the aid of her family she was able to secure a place to stay out in Maui, Hawaii. With it's sunny beaches and lively atmosphere, it was the last place anyone would expect Charlotte to go. And so, in the middle of the night, she fled and never looked back.

Currently Charlotte is living in a two bedroom apartment with Theodore Durran and working at the Conjured Crumpet. Artistically she's been trying to get enough pieces together to have an opening at one of the smaller galleries, but with work it's been a challenge.

Game History Alice Liddell, the eldest child of the Liddell family, was born with an incurable sense of curiosity. At the age of seven she fell down a rabbit hole into a magical place known as Wonderland. There she met an array of interesting (and often mad) new friends; as well as defeated the evil Queen of Hearts, liberating Wonderland.

Not to long after she stepped through her looking glass and found herself once again in Wonderland. After another enchanting visit, one in which she slew the jabberwocky, Alice was returned home.

Her life returned to normal for a brief time. Then, not long after leaving Wonderland, a candle left burning would undo everything. A candle which caught fire and set the entire house ablaze. Alice was the only survivor, a heavy burden which placed an insurmountable amount of guilt on the young girl.

After her parents death she was practically catatonic. This lead to her being hospitalized at the Rutledge Asylum. Completely withdrawn into herself Alice fell into a coma-like state, where she was swept away into Wonderland.

Only this time, Wonderland had changed. It was no longer the colorful and happy place from before. Now it was dark and twisted, around every corner danger was lurking. With only her Vopal Knife and the company of the Cheshire Cat, Alice ventured down the rabbit hole once more.

Throughout her journey Alice is faced with many enemies, but also some allies. Many of the characters and situations reflect her own life and as she goes the Cheshire Cat warns that it's really her own mind she's battling. If she's able to face the demons of a now sinister Wonderland, she'll be able to face the ones in the real world.

After traveling through Wonderland and surviving yet another adventure, Alice comes face to face with the Queen of Hearts and her mechanical Jabberwocky. With the strength, knowledge, and acceptance she's gained on her mission Alice is able to slay monster and return peace to Wonderland.

Mirroring that in the real world, Alice has a break-through and realizes it's not her fault that her family is dead. Still filled with depression, but cured of her catatonia, Alice sets off into the world with a mysterious new black cat. She then becomes employed at a home for wayward youth which leads to the events of Madness Returns. Read more here. GV Tie-ins Lost (part) of her family in a fire.
Similar personality.
Spent time in a mental hospital.
Cat lover.

Abilities Hand to hand combat
Riding the Wind
Knife Fighting
Objects Omega Necklace
Blood-Stained Apron with ♁ (Eris) and ♃ (Jupiter)
Black and white striped stockings
Stuffed Rabbit
Vorpal Blade
Playing Cards
Jabberwocky's Ice Staff
Ice Wand
Deadtime Watch
Croquet Mallet
Memories First trip to Wonderland
Second Trip to Wonderland
Death of her family
Third Trip to Wonderland
Fourth trip to wonderland

Played By Alexandra Daddario • jabberwocks • EST, 3rd person storybook, threading preferred • coding & edits.